About Me

Hello! My name is Madison McAllister. Welcome to my world! Here’s everything you might want to know about me…

I’m 20 years old, born and raised a Texan. (Texas Forever, Baby) I grew up in the suburbs with two lovely parents and a younger brother. I fell in love with performing at a pretty young age after I discovered my lack of coordination and poor ability to play sports. My mom and dad have always supported and encouraged my love of the arts and [thankfully] allowed me to go to school to pursue a degree in theatre! I began my undergrad education in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Musical Theatre Major, but have since then made the move back home to attend Texas State University for a BFA Performance and Production degree. I aspire to be a professional Theatre Artist, so over the next few years I will be exploring different areas of theatre such as Stage Management, Directing, Acting, and hopefully Casting. Aside from my basic passions singing, dancing, and acting, I love netflix, reading a good book or play, drawing, painting, chocolate, coffee, yoga, and of course, all things Disney. My Catholic faith is extremely important to me as well, everything I do is for the Glory of God. My trust in Him is what keeps me grounded when faced with the everyday stresses of life. This blog is my way to document my journey through college and the theatre world, and well– life. I hope that as you read my posts and get to know me, you will find something you can relate to. If I can reach just one person and somehow inspire him or her, that would be enough.

Thanks for reading!






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