My Affinity for Song Lyrics

Everyone knows by now that i’m a musical theatre major. And the NUMBER ONE assumption people make about me is that I only listen to showtunes. This gets me every. single. time. I really find it quite hilarious. Of course I listen to showtunes- that’s a big part of being a stage actress, you have to know as much about different shows as you can! So if I know 20 broadway soundtracks like the back of my hand, I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of. However, a lot of people don’t know how eclectic my music taste actually is. Because of this, I decided to put together a list of my top songs right now. What you’ll find is that I become a fan of a certain artist or song based on my ability to connect with the lyrics. And those of you who follow me on Twitter usually know when i’m listening to a song because I’ll post a tweet with a quote from a song. I honestly should just dedicate my twitter account to song lyrics because I post so many.

Music is my form of reading poetry. If a song doesn’t evoke a feeling from me, I don’t really ever end up liking it. (unless it’s just really catchy and has a great beat like some songs on the radio) Anyway, here is my list of my top songs right now. And yes, it will have a song from a musical because seriously, who isn’t listening to Hamilton right now?

  1. “Who Wants to Live Forever” cover by The Tenors. This is a classic by Queen and I absolutely love this version. The harmonies are stunning and there’s a huge violin solo in the middle. Perfect for relaxing or studying. The lyrics are also beautiful. Who wants to live forever music video.
  2. “Get me Out” by Late for Lunch – this is a little plug for the writers of the musical that the TU theatre department held a workshop for last semester. Jed and Matt are brilliant songwriters and I love the demos they recorded for their band. Check out the Late for Lunch demos!
  3. “Kiss Me Softly” by Journey – I’m a huge 80’s music fan and this song just gives me all kinds of feels. Kiss Me Softly – Journey
  4. “Wait for it” from Hamilton the Musical – It’s so difficult to pick a favorite song from this show since the ENTIRE album is amazing. But this one is one of my absolute favorites. The words just hit you right in the heart. Wait For It – Hamilton
  5. “So Close” by John Mclaughlin – This song was in one of my favorite movies, Enchanted. It’s simply magical! Enchanted Ballroom Dance Scene
  6. “One Love” by Marianas Trench – My favorite band came out with another album and this was the first song that was released on it. I am obsessed with it to say the least. The lyrics and vocals are awesome. And it doesn’t have any of those weird synthesizer things in the background. It has good old-fashioned musical instruments. *thumbs up* One Love – Marianas Trench
  7. “What a Feeling” by One Direction – This is the best song on their new album in my opinion. I love the tune to this and the lyrics are to die for: “you’ve got stars, they’re in your eyes.” What a Feeling – 1D
  8.  “Devil in Disguise” by Metro Station – If you weren’t obsessed with the band that Miley Cyrus’ brother is in when they released the song “Shake it” then you obviously weren’t in middle school at the same time as me. Here’s a song from their new album! Devil in Disguise – Metro Station
  9.  “Tonight You’re Perfect” by New Politics – Again I found another song with lyrics about eyes that I could just die for. Tell me this doesn’t melt your heart – “tonight you’re perfect, I wanna fall in love with the stars in your eyes.” ❤  Tonight You’re Perfect – New Politics
  10. “Infinity” by The xx – I’m currently taking a modern dance class where we warm up to this song in every class. I absolutely love it! It has some great lyrics but is also incredibly relaxing and makes you just want to lay down and breathe. Infinity – the xx

Hope you enjoy this short little playlist!


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